Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 To Do List

2014 is going to be my year of redemption. It's going to be huge. Epic. I have never been so focused and determined. I have never woken up at 5 am consistently in my whole entire life because that's just crazy. Unless, you want it that badly. Come Hell or high water or snow or ice or sleet, I am in my car just about every morning headed to the Sweat Shack (Go Native Fit) to bust my ass or my shin to become a better athlete. And I am. Ryan (owner and my OCR Coach Extraordinaire), is slowly building my body making me stronger faster. And I'm loving every second of it (except for rowing. I hate rowing. You're literally rowing for dear life but going nowhere. Even with a PR today, I still hate it. I like my boats with a motor and an ice cold beverage in my hand.) I digress. Let's just get into it.

  1. Do 1 One Handed Push up - Why? Because then I would be a legitimate Bad Ass and its a cool party trick.
  2. Run - Still healing my thrice sprained ankle
  3. Run Faster - Naturally
  4. Stay healthy - No more shin splints or PF or sprained ankles
  5. Do 10 Pull ups - I'm up to 3 as of yesterday's Friday Pull Up Challenge
  6. Ring the cowbell at the top of the rope with my foot - Somebody better have a camera ready if I succeed
  7. Go outside the wake and then back in on my Wakeboard
  8. Run 50 miles in one day - Original plan was to run the Mountain Masochist but due to timing and travel, I've decided to do 15 laps at my favorite park and call it the Cowbell 50. Insane? Yes. But I love this park and I want to accomplish this feat on home turf with hopefully my friends and family running a lap or two with me and cheering me on. Date is TBD. Spartan needs to get their stuff together and announce VT's date. 
  9. Get up and over the Sternum Checker at MGG - 'Nough said. I'm tired of falling off this thing.
  10. Goal Race finishes (Note: My race schedule is very lean and focused. No "Fun Runs." I'd rather be training either at Go Native or on the MGG course)
    • Spartan Race - Top 15
    • Mud, Guts, and Glory - Top 3 
    • Mud Ninja - Top 3
    • OCR World Championships - Top 20
That's it. Nothing fancy, but definitely tough. I expect the race field to be deeper with amazing female athletes this year. Having not ran since late November, I have moments of panic and feelings of failure. I know my strength is there. It was almost there last year. I know it continues to improve by leaps and bounds, but I fear that I just won't be fast enough on my feet. And that is when I have to flex the mental muscles and squash all feelings of trepidation. This is when I have to completely trust Ryan and believe him when he says to wait a few more weeks, you'll get it back quickly because you love it, and you got the dog fight in you. Followed by, "Go row."


  1. I love reading your blog and it's been fun for me to the transformation in you both physically and mentally! I have no doubts that you will CRUSH all of these goals!!!

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  3. Hey there, Nicki! How's your sprain now? Really is a big hindrance in performing physical tasks, yes? A sprain usually is taken for granted by a lot of people, which in turn hampers their ability to do a simple activity like walking. Just make sure you have it checked if you feel recurring pains okay? Take care and good luck!

    Vanessa Adams